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Important Things to Know Before Marrying a Russian Woman

Girl in a red dress on plain background
Russian women have a captivating charm to them that make them highly attractive. | Photo by Oleg Ivanov on Unsplash

Let’s say that you’ve developed a fulfilling relationship with your Russian dream girl, and it’s a picture-perfect union between you two that seems to be getting pretty serious - along the lines of getting married kind of serious.

At this point, a common assumption to make about the bond that you two have is that you’re both well beyond the initial stages of the dating phase, and you’re both considering settling down with each other and committing to full-on marital status, which is pretty cool if you’re confident in that major life decision. If you know what you’re getting into, then it’s quite textbook from there.

If you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into, then you’ve definitely stumbled upon the right blog to get the advice you need, my friend. In fact, a whole lot of us have been in your position before, and it’s only normal that you have an innate, soul-searching desire to ponder and reflect upon the long-term compatibility between you and your potential life partner.

Actually, that’s what most normal people do when contemplating a major life decision - especially one that involves spending the remainder of your life with a woman from a foriegn culture. In this regard, cultural differences are very important to assess. You’ll need to take these into account if you want to learn how to please a Russian woman.

It’s quite possible that a few of you may have had some negative preconceptions in the pasts regarding Russian women, one that involves oversexualized or over-generalized assumptions which paint their demographic in a misleading light. Maybe some of you know someone who used to think (or still thinks) in this manner.

Frankly, there’s a whole lot of country-specific generalizations associated with women from Europe, and there’s no doubt that you’ve heard at least one or two of them by now. These stereotypes are rooted in falsehood that stems from persisting public opinions and collective attitudes towards certain European women in the mindsets of the masses, based on shared personal experiences and general observations.

Maybe by now, you’ve heard your rambling drunk uncle or a random TV show go into detail about the promiscuity or materialistic nature of some Russian women.

Maybe an online blog (similar to this very one you’re reading right now) slandered Russian girls for being divorce-obsessed gold-diggers hanging around the red light district sidewalks of St. Petersburg at night - women who don’t pay for anything themselves, charming their men into showering them with designer clothes, luxurious jewelry, a lavish lifestyle, and an enticing citizenship - only to leave them once they get what they want.

Some guys think these women fall in love with you for physical things, but in reality, they’re more genuine than most Western women.

The way these girls are portrayed in mainstream media (as well as their depiction in the adult film industry) tends to reinforce and perpetuate this generalized prejudice towards them - which is a complete falsehood and derogatory way of thinking. In fact, these stereotypes make them out to be the exact opposite of how a whole lot of them actually are.

All stereotypes have a hint of truth to them, since they wouldn’t exist if those types of people didn’t exist in the first place. To an extent, there are people in the world that fit pre existing stereotypes, but generalizations don’t accurately account for everyone, obviously. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that the vast variety of human complexity allows for a margin of diversity to exist, since not everyone is the same - even in tightly-woven communities where certain similarities persist.

So to get back on track, you’ve probably already realized that these objectifying and discriminatory stereotypes exist, but you know that deep down inside and out, your fiancée is absolutely nothing like this at all - and you’re sure of it, since you genuinely love her and you know her true personality.

girl with crop-top hoodie and lake background
Marrying a Russian woman is a highly fulfilling experience. | Photo by Oleg Ivanov on Unsplash

So if you’ve made up your mind and you’ve decided on marrying a Russian woman who you love and adore, here’s some important stuff to keep in mind about their behavior and culture - which, in the long run, would help in communication issues or potential roadblocks stemming from a cultural barrier or a lack of understanding between you two.

We’re here to tell you that, to a Russian girl,

Her man reinforces her feelings of safety and importance.

Russian brides are drawn to their caring husbands by the sense of stability and comfort that they provide for them through hard times and otherwise. They are confident and emotionally sustainable females, but they do need a man to be able to reassure them and fulfill the family dynamic which is so profoundly embedded in their culture – and that is why they so dearly appreciate their spouses.

While men are the household’s key supplier of provision and safety, Russian females will make additional efforts to combine their income with that of their spouses to support a home and family effectively.

In Russian culture (just like in Asia), family is as precious as gold.

One famous Russian saying reads: “a woman without a husband is like a kid without a mom”.

To these ladies, family is everything - and rightly so. Russian culture strengthens the belief that the child’s father must be the husband, who has to grow up together with both parents. And though it is usually the mother who is responsible for raising and imparting valuable life lessons to the child, the authority of the father also is expected to influence the discipline of the youngster.

In relation to that saying,

Russian wives provide for their spouses the way they care for their kids.

The trend of many Russian homes is that women facilitate their delicate love and affection by cooking, washing for, and serving their husbands. Like Asian girls, Russian females seem to be extremely good at housewife duties like entertaining visitors, being a mom, and making a house feel homey.

This specific dynamic, furthermore, may not be as popular among Russian women from outside of Russia, but it ultimately depends on the partnership between spouses. In contemporary Russian society, parental and gender roles may differ among Russian men and women.

They view their spouses as authoritative entities.

Most Russian women are not subservient or submissive at all - in fact, they will live and survive alone if needed. Although this autonomy is not an arrogant or proud form of independence - it is rooted in virtue and tradition. When a Russian girl falls in love, she is not afraid of revering her partner as a force of authority. This act has a deep-rooted cultural meaning in a high sense of reverence for their spouses.

girl with short bangs eating at a diner
Russian girls value their husbands as much as they would their children. | Photo by Oleg Ivanov on Unsplash

No matter how stern or liberated a Russian girl may seem, her spouse, who is the household’s principal proponent - the provider of longevity and financial stability, will always advise her lovingly.

Without consulting their husband first and seeking his consent or his advice on things, a Russian woman would think twice about conducting big transactions or life decisions. They seek the approval of their husbands first and foremost.

So essentially, if you have chosen to take a decent Russian lady as your bride and life partner, and you know she possesses the traits that we listed above, then pat yourself on the back my friend - you’ve chosen wisely.

For anyone and everyone pondering or taking up this major life-decision, we wish you all the best of luck and a fruitful, fulfilling marriage to come.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 16 July, 2024
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