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Why Making an Itinerary is Important

A man making an itinerary for Moscow
Have hassle-free travel by making an itinerary for Moscow. Maximize your time to explore the city and mingle with Russian women.

Journeying toward a foreign country is not as simple as picking up a phone call. Travelling actually entails many factors when it’s a totally peculiar place for you, thus, a need for an itinerary in order to maximize your time and enjoy your trip. Why is that so?

Try to imagine that you are traveling to a strange country without making any preparation beforehand. Do you think you will be able to manage your time? Do you think you can visit all the destinations you want to and enjoy as much as you could? Most likely, you won’t. It will only give you frustration and a troublesome trip. Surely, it will just ruin your entire excursion. That’s why making an itinerary before your flight to a certain country is best recommended.

It maximizes your time, as mentioned. An itinerary can help you track and estimate your travel time to certain attractions. That way, you won’t miss out what you want to see and do in a certain destination. It also helps you in estimating the entire cost of your trip and assist you in having convenient travel from one destination to the other. But the topmost of all, an itinerary will keep you reminded of the real purpose of your travel.

Moscow Travel Guide for a Hassle-Free Trip

Now that you already know the importance of making an itinerary, let’s figure out what are the things you need to prepare before taking a step in Moscow. Here are some travel tips that you need to know:

  • Be familiar with Russian words or phrases and its culture.
  • It is necessary to be familiar with the language of the country you’ll visit, especially when it’s your first time. You don’t have to study the Russian language. Just a few words and phrases will do. Along with that is its culture and traditions. By doing so, reaching out to the locals will be made easier. That way, you can have a fun and exciting stroll in the city.

  • Learn about the country’s dating culture.
  • If one of your purposes in traveling to Moscow, Russia is to date single, lovely Russian women, then it’s best to equip yourself with Russian dating culture. Surely, this can help you in winning the hearts of the ladies easily.

  • Pack lightly.
  • For hassle-free travel, always keep in mind to pack lightly. You don’t have to bring a lot of unnecessary stuff. Also, you will most likely stay in a hotel where linens, towels and bathroom stuff are already provided. Thus, you don’t have to travel with huge baggage. Your personal and important items are enough.

  • Secure the important documents.
  • Remember that when you’re traveling, all your salient documents needed and required for that certain trip must be secured. To get rid of any inconveniences in your trip, make sure to keep track of your documents. Have it checked before you fly to a foreign country. That way, you’ll have a smooth-sailing travel process.

  • Have your cash for Russian currency exchange.
  • As soon as you landed in Moscow, be sure to have your cash for Russian Ruble currency because that’s what you are going to use for all your expenses. Prior to that, it’s best that you prepare a substantial amount for said transactions. Be informed that the currency restriction when you enter and exit Russia is 10, 000 USD maximum.

  • Purchase a local sim card.
  • When you set a foot in Russia, you must purchase a local sim card for better and easier communication. That’s also best if you really want to go out with Russian women for marriage. Reliable means of communication to send text messages, calls and to browse the internet is also needed when you start going out with one of Russia’s finest ladies. Thus, you have to obtain a local sim card.

  • Enjoy and make some Russian friends.
  • Your visit to a certain country will be more memorable if you make some good friends. Meet new people, bond with them, and discover new things about Russia together with them. Surely, your stay in Moscow, Russia will be a splendid experience if you do.

  • Sign up for singles’ event.
  • In connection to meeting and making friends, you may also sign up for singles’ events. Moscow Ladies is one of the companies in Russia which offers excellent services including social gatherings with Russian women and tour packages to the famous attractions in Moscow. If you want, journey with us to Moscow! With us, everything will be accommodated from your arrival to your departure. We will arrange and manage everything for your convenience.

Top 5 Spectacular Tourist Spots in Moscow, Russia

The famous St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, Russia
Make your trip to Moscow an unforgettable one! Visit its famous destinations as you journey to meet your Russian match.

Since you already have your travel guide, let’s get back from the itinerary, where you will include the attractions you want to visit during your stay in Moscow. To give you a glimpse of what Moscow has to offer, here is a list of its must-visit destinations that you shouldn’t miss out:

  • The Kremlin
  • The Kremlin is the biggest active fortress in entire Europe which is included in the list of UNESCO worldwide heritage sites. It is also one of the most ancient parts of the city which serves as a symbolism for the whole of Russia. The Kremlin alone offers a week’s worth of visits since it is huge. It encloses an area of 275, 000 square meters. The Kremlin also serves as a residence for the president of Russia.

    Inside of it are various museums and towers to explore. The Kremlin is open from Friday to Wednesday only. This attraction is exactly the one you shouldn’t miss visiting!

  • St. Basil’s Cathedral
  • This well-known cathedral is a church located in Red Square in Moscow, Russia. It is one of the most famous symbols of Russia. St. Basil’s Cathedral consists of nine altars out on a single foundation. The cathedral was built in the 1500s in honor of conquest of the Kazan Khanate.

    According to some legend, the architect of this famous cathedral was ordered to be blinded so that he would never surpass nor imitate this creation. St. Basil’s Cathedral offers worship services. If you are into it, this church is a must-see.

  • State Historical Museum
  • The State Historical Museum is a neo-Russian style building situated on Red Square and was founded in 1872. The museum has an expansive and impressive collection which includes the relics of prehistoric tribes until the 21st century. It also has multiple exhibitions that display manuscripts from the 6th century and a lot more. If history excites you, this place is your haven.

  • GUM Department Store
  • GUM is a vast shopping center that is considered Russia’s main department store and surprisingly, one of the largest stores in entire Europe. GUM department store is not only renowned because it is the most famous place for the locals and tourists to shop. It gained popularity due to its magnificent architecture and luxurious style.

    GUM hosts art and photo exhibitions as well. This department store is home to grandeur brands like Hugo Boss, Luis Vuitton, Dior and more that are located in Red Square. Even if stores aren’t included in your list of places to visit, this one’s still worth a visit.

  • Gorky Park
  • Gorky Park is Moscow’s leading green space. The park itself offers outdoor dancing sessions, yoga and fitness classes, beach volleyball, ping-pong, rollerblading, skateboarding, and other cycling activities. Apart from these, this park is also home to an open-air movie theatre and the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art.

These are just a few of the destinations that you must see when you travel to Moscow. You may include these spots in your itinerary and adjust everything according to your plan.

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Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 16 July, 2024
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