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Why Asking the Right Questions on Your First Encounter Matters

First real dates are exciting and nervous at the same time. It’s a feeling that you can’t describe. You will feel a thrill in finally meeting the woman whom you have been communicating with virtually for months. Yet, you may also feel highly-strung in thinking of ways to have a successful date at the end of the day, considering that you are dating a woman from another country like the many beautiful Russian women for marriage

Given that situation, you will think a lot of barriers will stop you from gaining good first impressions to scoring a succeeding date. The challenge will start with cultural differences and language. However, these two won’t mean you can’t have the desired date you planned to. In order to avoid such barriers, it’s best that you take action for those. You learn a few phrases of her language, culture and tradition, especially about Russian dating.

Preparing prior to the date does not only stop in learning and discovering about her place and its practices. Deciding on what to wear during the date to look presentable and where to bring your date are also highly thought of. Considering that you will be dating a woman from Russia, surely she would also make an effort to look good. Russians always dress to kill. They give emphasis to their outfits, so you better man up and look good on yourself.

Yet, no matter how good you may look, you can’t still deny the fact that what really matters is how you create a cozy atmosphere for your date. That includes appropriate and inappropriate questions to ask. Since both of you will try to know each other deeply, personal questions are inevitable, which might lead your date into a failed one.

So, how are you going to address your interest toward your date without making her feel embarrassed or humiliated? That sounds a challenge for you. But believe it or not, everything will be worth it if you make it right.

Common Questions to Ask Her

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Since Russia’s customs are generally traditional and old fashioned, especially in terms of dating, it’s advisable that you must be very careful in striking a conversation with her. Always make sure you filter your words to avoid asking serious and personal questions that she won’t like. In that way, you’ll be able to save yourself from trouble. To avoid such instances, we have listed a few appropriate questions to ask single Russian ladies during your date. Take note of these:

  • First thing is, you may ask her about what she does when she has leisure. To break the ice between the two of you, ask her what are the things she likes to do during her spare time, how does she spend it and with whom. Ask about her hobbies and her interests. Through this question, you will be able to know who she really is as a person. To add, she may start opening up some stuff about herself that you’ll find interesting as well.
  • To elevate the conversation, you may also ask anything about her country but make sure you are not losing the excitement in her. Make her feel you want to connect to her by asking her about her happy memories in her hometown. Ask her what she thinks is the most beautiful thing in her hometown and the like. This way you will be able to discover more about her, and surely, she will be glad about that. However, be mindful not to hit her below the belt.
  • Also, try to ask her about what activities she likes whether it’s indoor or outdoor. It will give you ideas as to where to bring her the next time she agrees for a second date. By asking this question, you may also discover shared interests with her, which both of you may do on your next date. If this is given a chance, she will certainly fall for you in time.
  • In connection to that, ask her if she loves to travel and whether she likes doing it alone or with either family and friends. You may also back up your question with what countries she’s been into already and what are the countries she wants to visit next. Dig deep into her traveling and adventurous spirit as you discover her thoughts and memories on her travel. See to it that you do it with limits.
  • For your advantage, ask what’s her ideal date would be. It will help you in thinking of an easier place to bring her and making it extra memorable for her. This way, you won’t have a hard time thinking of a picturesque spot to date her. Also, you may ask her what inspires her in life. It’s just a way of having a spontaneous conversation with her while knowing who she really is on attitude and character. It’s more like hitting two birds with one stone.

Above all, just put in mind that your end-goal is to win her heart, so it’s best that you try to be careful with your words and be sensitive as much as possible.

Questions to Avoid Asking a Moscow Lady

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On the contrary, there are also inappropriate questions that may offend Russian women. It’s advisable that you learn what are those erroneous and offensive questions that you should avoid before having a date with Russian women for marriage. That’s why it’s best to be aware of Russian dating culture to establish a rapport and ensure a flourishing date. For at least, take note of the questions to avoid asking a woman from Russia to save your date.

  • One of the topmost questions to avoid asking is how did her past relationship go wrong or what happened to it. As early as the first date, this one must be backed off to give her the respect that she needs. Aside from that reason, know that you are out of that issue. If your relationship starts to deepen, then maybe you can start asking about her past relationships.
  • Moreover, asking her if she sees herself in the future with you is never cool. This question won't make you look good in her eyes at all. She will think of you unfavorably, instead. Thus, never ask or even try to ask about her past on a first date. There’s always a perfect timing for that.
  • Also, sensual topics must be avoided too when talking with Russian women. Why is that so? When a man asks something about it, the woman will think you are not earnest in seeking love and romance. To prevent that instance, better stay out of that topic.
  • Since you are dating a woman from another country where almost everything is different from your own practices and beliefs, it’s best that you avoid asking questions about sensitive topics like religion or politics. Some women may be fine with it but others are not. So it’s best that you shouldn’t bring up such topics.

Try to incorporate these tips when you wish to date Russian women for marriage. With these, you will ensure a successful and even succeeding dates with single Russian women. Register on our site for FREE to meet your Russian bride!

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 16 July, 2024
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