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Christmas Gifts and Gestures Russian Women Appreciate

Woman standing at a fair
Get your new Russian girlfriend something nice.

Well, it’s Christmas. Or at least, it’s the Christmas season. Which means that now you’ve got quite a bit of holiday shopping that you have to get done. You’ve made your list, you’ve checked it twice, and unlike Santa Claus, you can’t exactly separate who’s naughty and nice. You have to get them presents because you’re obligated to otherwise people will talk behind your back.

You already know who you’ve got to get gifts for and you probably know what you’re going to get. If not, you’ve got a list of options for them. But there’s one person for whom you may not have decided on a gift yet and that’s the Russian woman you started dating pretty recently.

You’re stumped as to what to get her. Giving a gift during the holiday season is among the nicest of gestures Russian women appreciate, but you don’t know how big that gesture should be.

You don’t know her well enough to know what she’d take as a pleasant surprise and you’re not sure how much you should spend on her because you’re not sure if the relationship is going to last.

Health-related travel restrictions may have even kept you from meeting in person, so you’re totally sure what she looks like without a screen between the two of you. So you don’t know her as well as you’d like to know her so you don’t know what you should get her.

Do you get her something fun? Do you get her something practical? Do you keep yourself in check or do you go all out and splurge? What is important to Russian women? There are a lot of questions that you’ve got to answer when it comes to getting your new girlfriend a gift. But there are a few answers to those questions.

An insulated mug

If you’re looking for Russian gifts online, remember that Russia can be pretty cold. In fact, it’s pretty infamous for its winters. So it’s pretty important to stay warm. One way to stay warm is to drink a hot drink, like coffee or tea. But the climate will cool those drinks really fast, which kind of defeats the purpose of the drink.

But there’s a solution that’ll keep a drink warm. An insulated mug or water bottle will keep drinks warm enough throughout the day to stave off the cold of a Russian winter. Plus, insulated mugs or bottles are durable and they don’t cost a lot of money. They basically cost the perfect amount for a new relationship that you haven’t gotten around to defining just yet.

Some mittens

Cold weather can affect every single part of the body, including the hands attached to your Russian girlfriend. Hands are a pretty important part of the body, so it’s important to keep them warm so you can keep on using them.

Getting your new girlfriend some fleece-lined gloves will help her keep her hands warm. And they’re not super pricey either, so you’ll probably appreciate that.

Fleece socks

Since you’re already keeping her hands warm, you might as well do the same to her feet. Fleece socks are great at keeping feet warm and dry in cold weather conditions and, much like mittens, they’re inexpensive – so you won’t feel your wallet lighten by all that much should you choose to get her a pair.

A weighted blanket

Speaking of relatively inexpensive gifts for Russian women that will help keep your new girlfriend warm during the wintery holiday season, there are weighted blankets. They’re pretty thick and people who use them report having really good sleep after using them.

And again, weighted blankets don’t cost that much money, so you won’t break the bank when buying them. But be warned that they are heavy, so the fee to ship one to her might exceed the cost of the item itself.

Cat under a Christmas tree
There are plenty of gifts for Russian women you can buy.

A ring light

The relationship is pretty new. You’re still in the early days and the state that the world’s in at the moment may have made it so that you haven’t even met in real life yet. The closest you’ve come to meeting face to face is with a video call.

You probably want to maximize a video call, because it’s the closest thing you’ve got to actual dating, then the lighting on both ends needs to be right. If the light isn’t right on both ends, you won’t be able to properly see each other. All that dolling up she did to make herself pretty for you is all for naught if you can’t see her because it’s too dark where she is.

So get her a ring light, and maybe get one for yourself as well so she can properly see you. They’re not uncommon, being widely available online, and they’re not expensive. Plus, they’re not heavy so the shipping costs won’t put a significant dent in your wallet.

Noise-canceling headphones

Building on the above, another thing that you can get her are some noise-canceling earphones. Your video calls are aural as much as they are visual so it’s important for her to be able to hear you.

But real life can sometimes get in the way of properly hearing something. Maybe a dog barks a little too loudly. Maybe her neighbors are having a very loud discussion over some important matter.

Either way, your voice gets drowned out. Or maybe hers does. The point is, you can’t hear each other. Well, there’s a simple way to fix that and that’s with noise-canceling headphones. They’ll drown out background noise so she can hear you clearly. The last thing you need is an emotional declaration losing its impact because her neighbor’s baby cried and drowned you out.

There are so many things that you can get for a girlfriend. But the thing is that certain items aren’t as appropriate as others. A diamond ring that’s not an engagement ring isn’t appropriate for a three-month anniversary.

When your relationship has barely gotten off the ground, you’re in an awkward phase where you’re not really sure what’s appropriate and what’s not. But there are some gifts you can get a new girlfriend.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 16 July, 2024
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