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Russian Dating Tips | 5 Absolute No-Nos When Dating a Russian Woman

A beautiful Russian woman holding hands with her boyfriend.
Read our dating tips to find out what behaviors you should avoid when dating a Russian woman.

Whenever we’re in a relationship, we are always so concerned about the things we should be doing. How to act properly, the right things to say, the best things to do, so on and so forth. That is the first initiative that comes to mind early on. However, one of the most undervalued dating tips that you shouldn’t overlook is how NOT to act in relationships.

Especially when dating Russian women, there are certain things you should not be doing. Knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do. You can effectively start a relationship by knowing what to do, but you can keep a relationship by knowing what not to do.

When dating a Russian woman, you have to take the Russian dating and marriage culture into account, among other things. With that said, here are 5 things you should absolutely avoid doing when dating a Russian woman.

  • Don’t be a Show off.
  • Let’s say you are an incredibly wealthy man. Now that is a very positive quality to have as it shows you are capable of providing financial security. Be that as it may, never ever be too arrogant with what you have.

    Never flash your wealth nor make it a reason to look down on others. This restriction isn’t only limited to wealth. It can be anything. You can be proud of something you’ve worked hard to achieve, but never be too arrogant about it.

  • Don’t be too clingy.
  • Being too clingy is a massive turn-off for Russian women. A lot of Russian women are free-spirited in nature and tying them down will only make them want to break away. Give her space. Give yourself some space too.

  • Don’t allow your relationship to revolve around sex only.
  • There is no denying that sex is a very important factor in any romantic union. However, that shouldn’t be the focal point of a relationship.

    While it’s healthy to have an active sex life, allowing your relationship to solely revolve around it will negatively impact your growth as a couple. Remember that there are other facets of your relationship that need to be looked after as well. So don’t get too caught up with your amazing sex life to the point of neglecting the other aspects of your relationship.

  • Don’t compete against her family for her time and affection.
  • Now, this is something you absolutely should keep in mind. In Russian culture, keeping close family ties is something a lot of people practice. Even as adults, a lot of Russians will choose to stay in their family homes just to be close to their families.

    When they do move out, that communication will remain open. Telling a Russian woman who is incredibly close to her family to disregard them is like making a death wish. Unless you want an abrupt end to your relationship, never ever do this.

  • Don’t be too complacent.
  • When your Russian partner first fell for you, one aspect that may have helped with that is your strong passion. You are an ambitious and career-driven person and she saw that. This is actually one of the best tips on how to attract a Russian woman. If this is the case, never lose that drive.

    Once you start becoming complacent, she will help you back up and constantly motivate you. Remind you of your dreams, who you are supposed to be, and the kind of man you were. If you continue to act apathetic and neglect all of that, her departure is a guarantee.

So those are the things you definitely should not do when dating a beautiful Russian woman. Remember, knowing these things are essential if you want to keep your relationship afloat. You once strived to make her fall for you, make sure things stay that way.

If you are yet to meet a single Russian woman, sign up now and finally meet the woman of your dreams. Learn how to make her fall for you, and remember these dating tips to ensure she stays in love with you. Good luck, and have a happy and successful relationship.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 16 July, 2024
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