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Becoming More Attractive to Russian Women

This blog is about wooing Russian girls, but what’s a good blog without a little commentary on the evolution of dating? Take our hand and allow us to guide you through the void of the universe and into the windows of time as we pass through history itself, reflecting on our evolutionary past like an apparition on Christmas eve.

Trust us, we’ll get to the part about Russian women in a bit. This time machine has a fast forward button - if you want, you can activate it by scrolling down.

The art of dating is a game as old as time - the thrill of the hunt, the pursuit of procreation; a cycle that’s single-handedly responsible for the perseverance and survival of the human race - or any race for that matter. It’s a complex interaction spurred by eons upon eons of evolutionarily-ingrained social dynamics among living beings in a pairing game to decide who gets to pass on their genetic data, and who doesn’t.

We’re all well-equipped for this game, since our species (and every species before us that didn’t reproduce asexually) has had more than enough time in the physical universe to practice. But individually (and generationally), we learn more and more about this complex phenomenon as the dating climate continues to evolve and transform.

A woman on a black background
Russian women have strong willpower and a bold sense of self-sufficiency. | Photo by Kirill Balobanov on Unsplash

May the best man win. For millennia, that’s the way it’s been - and always shall be. A battle of wits, looks, skill, and adaptability, all in the biological pursuit of wooing a mate from the opposite sex.

The different eras of life’s evolution all throughout the prehistoric ages up until modern times have seen countless different players in this game - in each animal kingdom, with their own tricks up their sleeves, and their own social dynamics respective to the complexity of their brain function and habitat.

In more recent times, primates have dominated the earth and successfully acquired sentience, and now humans are the result. With these bigger brains of ours and the ever complexifying landscape of modern dating, a new definition of beauty standards has emerged - giving rise to individual preference.

After all, the pursuit of procreation has been the driving force responsible for the rise and fall of entire civilizations and empires - so it’s no surprise to us that we’ve developed our own individual preferences for who we date by now. We’ve been doing it forever.

Our time machine had just enough fuel to get us back to the present, so now we can finally talk about wooing Russian girls. Welcome back.

So with the vast variety of cultures and nations on earth, we’ve all got our own preferences now, and without a doubt, one of them is Russian women.

(We can hear you saying “finally”.)

When it comes to these women, there’s nothing quite like them. Their mix of independence and beauty is a charm as intoxicating as liquor. These ladies have earned a special place in the hearts of man, because evolution has done an incredibly good job.

There’s countless guides online about how to woo a Russian girl, but fate has led you here, to our corner of the internet. Luckily for you, in this blog we’re in the business of helping people appear more attractive to Russian girls, discussing what things attract her attention, and how to reciprocate her affection.

If you came here looking for advice on how to attract a Russian lady, you’re at just the right moment in space-time, my friend.

Let us enter the world of wooing Russian females - your final destination in this galactic journey that we’ve had the pleasure of guiding you along.

Remember to always:

Maintain proper hygiene, groom yourself, and be fashionable

Russian girls are genuinely capable of loving you for who you are, but that doesn’t mean they appreciate an unfashionable, unhygienic, or untidy man. These girls pay close attention to detail, and can tell when you handle yourself well. Like most women, they respond well to men who are physically attractive and well-kept.

Russian gals are classy and elegant, and your approach (including the way you handle yourself) must also be this way. Hygiene goes a long way, and so does dressing to impress. A man with a dapper get-up and confident body language will usually outshine others in the eyes of Russian girls who know their worth.

Why is body language important? This is because, like eye contact, it can communicate things that words cannot. Vibrations, feelings, emotions - all of those.

Girl in all black on a marble background
Foreign men are not granted dating rights simply for being foreign - they need a certain degree of depth to woo a Russian gal as well. | Photo by Nikita Shirokov on Unsplash

Think of it this way - in terms of physicality, not all Russian ladies have high standards, but how can she envision someone caring for her if that person cannot care for themselves? Work on yourself first and foremost.

Be a classic, old-fashioned gentleman.

Chivalry and reverence are important aspects of courtship and the flirtation of the Russian people. Small movements, such as opening her door, lending her your jacket, saying polite words, being kind, and caring for her well being and comfort, are all instances of this.

Naturally, not every Russian woman seeks this, because all are unique - but these are indeed common indicators of love that almost every female in the world dearly appreciates and values. This is something that is inherently attractive to a woman.

Some females may be more responsive to these expressions, and others may not be - so in general, it’s good to cultivate and embody a thoughtful, rivaled and respectful approach. That, in turn, subtly gravitates you towards functioning this way permanently.

Don’t be too dependent or controlling of her.

A sense of self-integrity and dignity is one thing which really catches the attention of a Russian female. Instinctively, these girls tend to be confident and autonomous women who can operate on their own. Normally, they don’t have to live with a man, however they would like one.

This feature is a culturally profound quality that Russian females have had ingrained in them throughout centuries of rich history and culture. It’s an essential component that these girls are associated with, and it is a powerful force to behold. It is a unique and noble ability for an independent Russian woman to look after herself.

This exact feature, to many, is what makes a woman beautiful.

Clearly, complimenting her autonomy by having some of your own would be the wisest thing to do. If you are willing to live your own existence on your own conditions, this is an essential turn-on for Russian girls.

By demonstrating to her that you are as independent as she is, you will find yourself a more fitting spouse that matches your thinking – a chemistry that provides the basis for good, long term relationships.

Be true to yourself.

Russian girls can tell if someone is sincere or if someone presents them with a guise to impress them. By maintaining truthfulness to yourself (but also with regard for chivalry and respect in mind), you can show her that you are serious when it comes to maintaining a true, meaningful, and mutually satisfactory relationship with her.

This is, in fact, a reality of long term relationships.

Girl in a black coat
Maintaining proper eye contact with a Russian girl communicates confidence and honesty. | Photo by Nikita Shirokov on Unsplash

In short, you will have to prove yourself to this woman (and your value).

However, by doing this, you will convince her that you are deserving of her love and respect, and that you are indeed a compatible and worthy person to receive and reciprocate her love - thus effectively fulfilling the evolutionary goal instilled in us all - the ultimate success; the triumph over others in the game of dating.

Thanks for traversing space-time with us in this grandiose adventure of biology, history, and sociodynamics. Till next time!

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 16 July, 2024
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