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Figuring Out Russian Women | How to Tell if a Russian Girl Likes You

A photo of an adorable couple while on a date in Moscow Russia.
Avoid the dreaded guessing game when dating Russian women by learning the signs and cues they give off when they are interested in you.

Women are extremely complex creatures in the eyes of men. Whenever we think we know what they’re thinking about, they act in ways that contradict our thoughts. Whenever we think we’ve cracked the problem, they make us realize we’ve only scratched the surface. Whenever we think we’ve got them figured out, they show something entirely new about themselves. For a lot of men, women are wonders; enigmatic beings. This is especially true with Russian women.

Ladies from Russia are some of the most gorgeous women you will ever meet in your life. They move like goddesses and smile like angels. Everything you can want in a partner, you can find in a Russian woman.

Nowadays, you don’t even have to travel to Russia to meet single women. Here at, you can meet and date stunning single Russian girls who, like you, are also in search of love.

But one of the imminent challenges that you have to anticipate when dating a girl with a completely different cultural orientation and dating norms is figuring out whether she’s interested in you or not. To help you avoid wasting your time with someone who’s feelings and interests don’t align with yours, take note of these 5 subtle signs that Russian women give off when they’re interested in a man:

  • She pays extra attention when you talk. “Extra” is the word to take note here. The women of Russia are used to being approached and they are very polite about it. They may respond and pay attention to everyone who seeks to converse with her as a courtesy, but she will be even more attentive to the man she likes. If you speak, regardless of who she’s speaking with, her head will directly shift towards you. If you are speaking to each other directly, she will listen to you with full attention.
  • She laughs at your jokes a lot. She automatically becomes more giggly with you. Everything you say that has a hint of humor, she’ll laugh at it.
  • She will mirror your moves. This is something almost everybody does. When a person is interested in the person they are interacting with, chances are they will almost always mirror their moves. Watch out for this when speaking to someone. If you put your hand under your chin while talking to them and she mimics that, chances are she’s interested in you.
  • She often calls you. She’ll actually initiate the call and she’ll do it quite often. She won’t only call for emergencies, she’ll call to check up on you, ask you how your day has been, basically let you know she cares for you. If she does this, then you are a lucky lad.
  • She looks even more gorgeous.
  • There is something about being in love that makes a Russian woman even more beautiful than they already are. She’ll care for herself a lot more, she’ll dress even better, she’ll be more conscious of how she looks. When going on a date with you, you can really tell if she’s beginning to become interested in you if she’s even more beautiful than she usually is.

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Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 16 July, 2024
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