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Liven Up Long Term Relationships with Russian Women

A beautiful Russian woman.
Make your long term relationship with Russian women a lasting one by exploring new things together! | Photo by Andrey Zvyagintsev on Unsplash

The beauty of Russian women is defined in many ways. They're wonderful ladies that are sincere with how they feel.

But the one thing that makes one even more beautiful is being in the right relationship. Been together for a long time? Does it feel like the excitement has faded?

Liven up a long term relationship through the following:

Explore a new place for both of you.

The reality of long-term relationships teaches you that stability is comfortability. You both feel stable and comfortable with each other's presence. Oftentimes, you may feel afraid to make small changes in your relationship, thinking that it might only sabotage what you have.

However, making changes may be just what you need. How?

Liven up your relationship by exploring a new place you haven't been before. It's refreshing to have a new destination for you and your partner to go to. Not only can it give you new memories, but you also get to bond with each other.

Exploring a new place helps you discover things about each other that you might not have known before. It always helps to know yourself and your partner better in many ways.

Do something you love before you go to bed.

What do you do before going to bed? Do you kiss your partner good night? Or check your phone one last time and go to sleep?

Lying on the same bed at night is an idea that couples in long-term relationships take for granted. For them, it's a normal thing that everyone is used to doing. But if you take that away, you realize that it helps in maintaining intimacy in a relationship.

Spend time with your partner before going to bed. It's the only time of day you relax and free your mind from the things that occupy you. Have a nightly ritual that you can do together.

Sitting down and talking over a cup of tea, sharing significant things about your day, or lying together in silence are some of the things you can do. See? It isn't hard to do something intimate together.

An image of a couple holding each other’s hands.
If you have a Russian girlfriend, let her feel special each single day you can.| Photo by Alena Darmel on Unsplash

Go on date nights.

When was the last time you went on a date together?

If it feels like a decade has passed, then it's time you should.

Because you have been used to having each other, you think that going out might just be a waste of time, not knowing that it never will be.

Know that date nights are meaningful. It may be a simple idea, but it never disappoints. It shows your devotion to making time for each other despite the hectic schedules you have. Not only that, but it helps liven up your relationship.

Avoid feeling like she's “just there.” Make one another's presence inspire you every day of your lives.

Check-in with each other every day.

It's an ordinary thing to be with a partner for most hours of the day. You talk to her almost all the time as well. But even though you are together, you still might not connect with her.

That's why you should make a habit of checking in with each other every day. It's a simple task but can change so much in your relationship. Doing so only proves that you're working to make your bond stronger over the long term.

Expensive gifts are not everything.

Tender words are typical.

But asking how her day is will always work in more ways than you know.

Get to know each other on a deeper level.

Knowing a person well takes time. It's impossible to know one after having met for just a few months. Most of the time, it takes years.

Even though it feels like you know her well enough, you still might not. Your relationship grows when you can talk about more profound subjects. With this, you'll be surprised by things you haven't known about her.

Some of the questions you can ask her are:

  1. Did I give you the kind of relationship you expected from me?
  2. Do you still see us together five years from now?
  3. If I wasn't a part of your life, would you look for someone like me?
  4. Are there things you want me to change but couldn't ask because it might hurt me?
  5. Is there something selfless you could do for me? If yes, what could it be?
A couple kissing.
Only couples in long-term relationships are able to work their way through thick and thin. | Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

Spare an hour each day to be off your phones.

If you earn a dollar each time you check your phone, you’d be filthy rich. That's how distracted today's generation is. Everywhere you look, a phone is what people hold.

Before eating meals, people take a photo of it first. Before sleeping at night, some browse for a few minutes on their accounts. In simpler words, phones have now become both a necessity and a distraction.

Don't let this come your way. If you're together, put down everything that's unnecessary, especially your phones and gadgets. Talk, bond, and connect.

If you have hectic schedules during the day and only get to be with each other at night, sparing an hour to be away from your phone is helpful to spice up your relationship.

Do the fun activities you did together in the past.

It's fun to reminisce about the good memories of the past, especially the ones that took place in the early stages of your relationship. It has the ability to remind you of the excitement and magic you once felt with each other.

One way for you to liven up your relationship is doing the fun activities you once did in the past again.

Do these on dates to spice up your relationship:

  1. Dine at the restaurant where you had your first date.
  2. Visit the park you used to hang out with after work.
  3. Eat the desserts you once shared together from your favorite café.
  4. Listen to the songs you used to sing in cars together.
  5. See the movie you watched for your first movie date.

Loving Her Always

Russian women are warm people. They love purely and accept a man for his whole being. Whether you're someone from an entirely different culture, love is something they'd give.

To be in a relationship is one thing, and to take care of a long-term one is another. Don't let time pass you by. While you still have the chance, liven up your long-term relationship and love her always.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 16 July, 2024
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